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Queue Weekly Status 2011-02-25


The tables below represent the state of the review queues at different points in time, divided into 3 "buckets" depending on how long they have been waiting. Ideally we want all nominations and updates to be under 5 days, so our goal is to have 100% of reviews on the third column.

During the next couple of weeks, the reports will be adjusted for the new review process, so there will be some changes and missing data. Also, the nomination and preliminary review numbers will be very bloated because we're asking all developers with add-ons in the sandbox to (re)nominate their add-ons for review. That on top of all authors updating their add-ons for Firefox 4.

Good times.

Full Review Nominations

59 new this week

Queue length by waiting times:

10 days+5-10 days5 days-Total
01/0130 (25%)42 (35%)49 (40%)121
02/01364 (79%)63 (14%)35 (7%)462
Now0 (0%)0 (0%)161 (100%)161 **

** The editor team has done a fantastic job reducing the nomination queue, but even so, the nomination waiting times are not accurate this week. This is because of bug 632191.

Full Review Updates

80 new this week

Queue length by waiting times:

10 days+5-10 days5 days-Total
01/011 (1%)51 (31%)109 (68%)161
02/011 (1%)3 (3%)84 (96%)88
Now0 (0%)5 (10%)45 (90%)50


Total contributions:

NominationsUpdatesPreliminarySuper reviewInfo requestTotal
Dec310 (37%)432 (51%)0 (0%)19 (2%)80 (10%)841
Jan537 (22%)926 (38%)748 (31%)29 (1%)176 (7%)2416
Feb808 (32%)624 (25%)826 (33%)52 (2%)182 (7%)2492

Nominations: full review nominations.
Updates: full review updates.
Preliminary: preliminary (lite) reviews.
Super review: reviews escalated to admin review.
Info request: information requests to authors.


For more information on how the review process works, and how you can check your add-on review status, please read An Overview of the AMO Review Process.